4 Differences Between High School and College

differences between high school college
differences between high school college

Some people will think that going to college is most likely going to be hell. Some people will also think that going to college is going to be the source of new friends, new opportunities, and far from home so you can do basically everything.

Whether you’re still in high school and you want to know more about college, or maybe you’re in your first year of college but you feel like regretting going to college, here are 4 differences between high chool and college.

Waking up

For high school students, waking up early is a must or you can be late to class. But in college, you can wake up at whatever time or your when your first class begin. You can set your alarm anytime and you’ll get no screaming from your parents for waking up late.

Books and Activities

books and activities

In high school, books are much lighter and activities are often free. But in college, books are way heavier and heavier in cost too. The library is your friend. You can find free books and study there. Activities are not free. Even at college parties, you will have to pay.


money high school

When in high school you will get lunch money from your parents, in college–not so much. Yes, you will be supported for your tuition, but the rest of it, you will have to find a way to earn extra cash.


friends high school

In high school you will most likely meet your friends everyday in class. But in college, even having one friend is a piece of work. But don’t worry, since there will be lots of activities in college, you’ll find your best pal in no time. If you love a certain interest, you will find a pal that has the same interests like you too. In this Top Business University Singapore, you will be facilitated with lots of interesting activities. SIM University Singapore offer a student care program that has so many benefits in them.


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